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Matutina Talipapa was founded in 1972, a name given by a former Dagupan Jaycees. It was just a very humble beginning. Matutina was a chosen name for the late Lydia Rivo Austria inspired by the resemblance of her voice to Matutina of the former John And Marsha TV series. Blessed with 5 Children, Emilio Austria and Lydia Austria were owners of The Original Matutina Restaurant. They had focused everything on their own efforts to make their business profitable. Gerry Austria is their youngest son, who wanted to venture out for more. He barely walks and talks when they first started the business, but he saw the lucrative world of food and dining. He decided to go to the Middle East to seek experience of international dining. He worked as a Shift Manager in and around Middle East. He was responsible on marketing and distribution of food and personnel from the year 1992 to 1996 for Burger King International.

It was in 1997 when he decided to go back to his native land Philippines and still helped his parents run the Original Matutina Restaurant. In the same year, he met Imelda Pasion and got married. In view with his knowledge in Food and Catering, he then asked permission from his parents to put up his own restaurant business. In the Year 1998, with the help of his wife, they have built a Matutina Annex on their own. Gerry and Imelda strived on, personally responsible of everything, from marketing of raw materials such as fish, vegetables and all the spices that goes with our dishes. It doesn’t stop from there, they did the cooking, washing the dishes and mere putting their Restaurant speck and span. They serve dishes that are basically prepared from organic produce. And the most important part is making sure that they serve the freshly catch seafood.

The name Matutina became very famous when people knew that prominent politicians and well known celebrities come regularly to sample Matutina’s sumptuous Filipino dishes.

Having the status of a natural entrepreneurs and because of a highly demand of customers, Gerry and Imelda decided to expand the business and built another branch in Urdaneta City in the year 2003. They essentially created jobs for the less fortunate Filipino people.

People from all walks of life cannot get enough of Matutina. Valued customers wanted more branches that they can visit. Our aim is to make people come back for more. The customers always substantiate the restaurant saying, “Masarap talaga ang kumain sa Matutina”. Our friendly smile, good service and splendid fresh seafood makes Matutina unique from the rest.

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